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"This is essentially top notch Pop Rock. Indeed Falling Star may be the best Crowded House song that isn't by Crowded House. Those Neil Finn comparisons shout out heavily here. Despite the direction changes throughout the album, everything here centres around great Pop."

Don Valentine at ‘I don’t hear a single’

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"Chiming acoustic guitars, cellos, tinkling pianos and banjo underpin plaintive storytelling of life’s secrets and surprises. Each song is a life vignette; a short film you may have already seen, or surely will, delivered with an acoustic/electric mix of real instruments and beautiful harmony. Go immerse."

Turn Blue Records

"The lads have come back with a thriller of an EP. A Little Bit More has my favourite line in a song, “She took all the Springsteen, but left all the Genesis”. It has to be my favourite just for the lyrics. Just How I’m Feeling Today is a laid back song singing about staying together and finding their way, nicely sung and simply delicious. Northern Song Girl an acoustic mix reminds me of Squeeze and played perfectly. Well lads you’ve done it again!’’

Vinyl Singer

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