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English rock band This Circus Life are a bit like a firework. Not the kind of firework that lights up the whole night sky with a million cascading colours, but the kind your Dad bought from the local corner shop, lit in the back garden and then stood back at a safe distance only to watch the wick fizzle and crackle without igniting the powder of potential inside the tube.  You’d ask your Dad to light it again but he’d diligently repeat the firework code mantra, “never return to a lit firework”.

In their short life, the band have released four studio albums and one E.P. through independent label Turn Blue Records and have played a host of lively festival dates building a small, but loyal following.

Their fifth album – The Flowers Know the Truth – is due for release on the 1st July 2024. Will it ignite and take off into the night sky? Only time will tell for This Circus Life.

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This Circus Life are:

Charlie Mear: Vocals

Jerome Cacace: Keyboards 

Joe Faulkner: Guitars

Toby Bull: Trumpet, Bass Guitar

Ben Mear: Drums & Percussion



Mark Chesterman

Rebecca Gillett

Dan Wilde


And sometimes with

John Bennett


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