This Circus Life were formed in 2019 by songwriter Charlie Mear.


Charlie spent much of the 80’s and early 90’s playing bass in a series of bands that came close to success, but that ultimately failed to break. Tired of being broke he entered the advertising industry and went on to work all over the world with brands including Sony Pictures, the BBC, MTV, The Chart Show, Budweiser and Heineken in a career that even included a two-year period producing music-fitness TV shows in India.


The band have released two full length albums – The Better Angels of Our Nature and The Vast And Endless Sea.

Their latest release is a mini-album called The Last man Standing.  The band feel it is important that album names should start with the word 'The'.

Two funerals, one marriage, two divorces, bankruptcy, threats of violence, a chase across Spain, an ill-fated trip to New York, a stolen bicycle and quality time with an old bass guitar.  


This really is the circus life! 

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This Circus Life are:

Charlie Mear: Vocals

Jerome Cacace: Keyboards & Backing vocals

John Bennett: Electric, Acoustic, Bass Guitar & Backing vocals

Joe Faulkner: Guitars

Toby Bull: Trumpet, Banjo, Bass Guitar

Mark Chesterman: Drums & Percussion

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