This Circus Life could well be the best band you’ve never heard of.  A hidden gem in the industry, their sound has been likened to Del Amitri, REM, World Party, The Lilac Time, The BeautifulSouth and Crowded House. Indeed one reviewer described their single Falling Star as the best Crowded House song not by Crowded House! 


Often laid back and melancholic, their reflective songs have semi-autobiographical lyrics about life’s struggles and hopes, but each album is also peppered with some straight-ahead classic British, pop-rock songwriting.


Only formed in late 2019, This Circus Life already have three full length albums to their name along with a growing following picked up by regularly playing the east coast summer festival circuit.


Welcome to your new favourite band!

Two funerals, one marriage, two divorces, bankruptcy, threats of violence, a chase across Spain, an ill-fated trip to New York, a stolen bicycle and quality time with an old bass guitar.  


This really is the circus life! 

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This Circus Life are:

Charlie Mear: Vocals

Jerome Cacace: Keyboards 

John Bennett: Guitars

Joe Faulkner: Guitars

Toby Bull: Trumpet, Bass Guitar

Stacy Plant: Drums & Percussion


Mark Chesterman

Rebecca Gillett

Ben Mear

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