This Circus Life are an English rock band formed in 2019 by songwriter Charlie Mear.


A former advertising executive, Charlie describes himself as “the man who had it all, lost it all and doesn’t want it back!”


The band was formed in response to a bizarre seven-year period down life’s rabbit hole that saw Charlie travel across continents, meeting dark characters, exploring and experiencing amazing highs and crushing lows and embarking on a series of often surreal adventures on the stranger side of life.


The band’s songs deal with these experiences and more and will make sense to anyone who has loved and lost, tried and failed, who has been knocked down but who gets up, dusts themselves down and faces life with a smile all the same. 


The group is made up of an eclectic band of seasoned and experienced musicians. A unique feature of their live shows is instrument sharing and swapping, as different members of the band play different instruments on each song. 


A series of new singles will be released throughout the summer of 2020 ahead of a new album release in early 2021.

Two funerals, one marriage, two divorces, bankruptcy, threats of violence, a chase across Spain, an ill-fated trip to New York, a stolen bicycle and quality time with an old bass guitar.  


This really is the circus life! 

This Circus Life are:

Charlie Mear: Vocals, Bass & Acoustic Guitar

Jerome Cacace: Keyboards & Backing vocals

John Bennett: Electric, Acoustic, Bass Guitar & Backing vocals

Toby Bull: Trumpet, Banjo, Bass Guitar

Mark Chesterman: Drums & Percussion